In our daily life the most common thing we see is social stratification that is also known as class system. According to Karl Marx, class is a group with basic interests that differ from other people who are living in the society. For example labour’s want their wages to be increased but industrialists prefer to pay as low as they can. Social stratification is created by unequal distribution of resources and limited access to the means of production, now a day’s capitalism has spread all over the world industries are increasing day by day due to which stratification is being promoted and working class is more suppressed. We can easily relate our current situation with Marx’s theory of bourgeoisie and proletariat, bourgeoisie is the ruling elite and proletariat is the common people but in current time there is one more class that is middle class and our most of the population belongs to this class. According to Marx bourgeoisie always exploits the proletariat if we see this in 21st century elite class is exploiting middle and lower class because these are the classes from which working community emerges and elite class suppress them as hard as they can so that they never match their standards and always stay where they are no matter how hard they work.
Pakistan is one of the major countries where social stratification is clearly shown in every aspect of life whether it’s in field of work, factories, school, hospitals or jobs. In factories factory owners exploits workers and pay them in fractions that they are hand to mouth in all of their life. Pakistan is one of the major exporter of cotton products, in cotton industry there is a clear difference of lower and upper class, the working class is more likely to do the picking of cotton from the plants and the drivers transport the cotton towards factories , and they then further are separated into different departments and work all day and nights and by the end of the month they don’t get much paid in return to the work they have produced .Whereas the owner have air conditioned office and he only instructs and watches the labor work and he have the power to eliminate labor who is inefficient at any time. Dawn (September 18, 2016) published an article about the exploitation of workers in cotton industry “If you are on contract and you make one mistake, you can be fired,” one can clearly relate factory owners with the feudal lords of dark ages.
Exploitation of lower class is not just limited to the factories or industries we can see it in every aspect of life for example almost all of us have to go to doctor when we don’t feel well or we are suffering from some type of disease, hospitals are also the hub of class exploitation in government hospitals in Pakistan the workers are usually the nurses, receptions, are working on 24 /7 hour service but their wage is less than 8000 Rupees but people who are running the hospital and doctors have no fix timings. The doctor is only on duty for two hours and he is paid in lacs and people who are playing the major role in keeping the hospital environment clean and the nurses who are on duty 24/7 are paid less than 10 000 Rupees a month.
If Marx was living in 21st century and in Pakistan than he could easily see Marxism everywhere around him.


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