“In literature, the main character is not sure who he or she is. His or her main business is to find his or her way back to himself or herself”- Northrop Frye. Throughout the story of Lloyd Jones’, Mister Pip, the innocent portrayed narrator played as Matilda is a young girl growing up on Bougainville; an island located in the southern Pacific. As the story unfolds it becomes more evident that her village is trapped in the middle of a brutal war. Matilda finds herself saved when the only white man on the island the kids know as ‘Pop Eye’ becomes their new teacher and brings them along a journey that will transform them. Mr. Watts as they come to know engages the kids through the famous writings of Charles Dickens’ as he takes the kids through a chapter a day of “The Great Expectations” explaining the life journey of a young Pip. The children become totally consumed by this book as it becomes a fantasy for them to escape to deflect the catastrophic events going on around them. Throughout this journey, Matilda finds herself and that of her true passion. She experiences the triumphs and suffering this ‘Pip’ brings along and overall gains the true enjoyment and fulfillment such a story can bring and how it can ultimately change your life forever.


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