In Event management dealing with a large crowd of people at events are very hard as a result of these crowds at events, impacts are generated for this reason planning for crowd congestion are very important and it is a critical factor in sustainable planning for event management. Crowd control and crowd safety are significant factors to consider in planning for events

Local authorities around the world are the responsibility of having a safety of events conducted or operated, however, there is no investigation conducted how professional the association and stable the event is (Dickenson & Arcodia (2010) Planning events with local authority can seem to be critical due to local authorities having an illegal permit or license and it may cause the unsafety event for stakeholders. It is important to provide a safety event such as a policy or guidelines for processing so that event management can’t be underestimated

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Every performance of event planner is a predictor of event success. Many Events fail, or attendees are not well satisfied because of the lack of planning during the event, attendees evaluate every performance, design and the execution of a program’s quality, including attendee’s satisfaction


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