In a small town, there rests a mysterious forest that is quite uncommon towards citizens. The forest is hidden from the eyes of unworthy people who are filled with hatred, lust and greed. In the small town, there’s two people who know the true nature of the forest and has witnessed its beauty. The forest consists of autumn red and pastel yellow. Following with hints of deep blue, deeper than the depth of the ocean’s color. The speckles of purple give life to the forest, and the blending of some colors give a warm feeling like you’re in front of the fireplace eating roasted marshmallows. The feel of the leaves are soft like velvet, and smell fresher than Febreeze.
To the left of the entrance to the forest, you can see the black lamp posts, illuminating the middle to expose a trail. The blue trail vanishes beyond the bright horizon while the colorful leaves fall down from the tall brown trees, as tall as a the Eiffel Tower. On the right of entering the forest, since there aren’t any black lamp posts, it is overshadowed with darkness. In the middle, the two people who only know this surreptitious forest are shown cuddling for warmth in their blue and purple fluffy sweaters which is as fluffier than a cotton ball. The two of them stand under the small baby blue umbrella in order to keep the small drops of blue raindrops from deflating the fluffiness in their sweater, and from getting them severely wet. The sunlight shined brighter than the fireworks on the Fourth of July. The beautiful scenery of reds and yellow gave off a vibe of relaxation and compassion. The couple stared into each other’s chocolate hazel eyes, and gave a warm soft smile that showed compassion for one another. Not far from the trail is a wooden small house that has decorative woodwork. The designs had brilliant carvings of art which showed curvy vines that raced across the entire wooden house and had another carving of grapes which gave off the feeling of home. The house drew the couple nearer as everything else went silent. As the couple rubbed their hands against the wooden carvings on the beige wooden house, the feel was smoother than the sensation of chocolate melting in your mouth. Upon entering the wooden house, they are welcomed with the sound of the silence. To the corner of their eye, a candle lit up, they could feel the warmth that was as warm as their mother’s hugs. A wooden table walked towards them following with a creaking sound and stopped until the table was right in front of them. The chandelier above the table, which was covered in a white sheet, swung down dropping the sheet onto the table. The large old fashioned chandelier hung from the dark wooden ceiling revealing itself. Twelve metal arms stretched out from the central base, each one’s formerly silver color now tarnished with a brown hue. At the ends of each arm was a small space, just the right size for a thin candle to slot into, although few of the spaces were filled. The feeble glow of that singular candle did a measly job of lighting the room, instead the faint glow only illuminated the chandelier itself and a small section below. Out of nowhere, two oversized hazel chairs zoomed out of a dark room and curved behind the couple to get them seated. The couple sat down with suspicion and was pushed to the table facing one another. The whole house lit up brighter than Cinderella’s ball. The smell of Alfredo pasta with a hint of celinatro was lingering into the room, which left the couple’s mouth watering.


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