“If you don’t have money, it doesn’t mean that you are poor. If you don’t have a dream, then you are poor,” Gage (2013) once said. Financial problem is one of the many worst things encountered by the poor people. There could be no better future, without penny. Yet there could always be hope as D.G. Bohol (2012), stated that being poor does not only mean that you don’t have the freedom and right to dream big. Poverty plays a hindrance to our education yet it will not be the obstacle until the end. Despite of that thought, Karikari (2015), stated that a lot of individuals are troubled with the reality that they are poor or finally end up in being poor families and to conclude, their belief is steadfast that it’s a hindrance to their success.
On the other hand, Daga (2016) stated that people having big dreams will keep them more energy and after their poverty, it is an indication of winning the game and not losing it. As Dean (2016) stated that poverty was once the greatest motivating factor in his life. Thus, the true tragedy of the poor is the poverty of their aspirations as stated by Smith (2016). Poverty should not set our dreams in life but we, people should be the one to set our dreams higher despite of poverty. If poor people dream big, then they could transcend poverty and simply turn into motivation. However, Helmer (2015) stated that the obstacle and stress of poverty lead to consume a big deal of one’s abilities, attention, and self-control thus making one with less objective which limits their abilities in making positive decisions.


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