If I were a brand manager for Bing, it has been demonstrated that learn that it pays to focus on the needs of the customers and position my brand as to the needs of the online users. A strong brand presents should offer distinct benefits to customers. The reason I chose to work with Bing for my career choice is because, Bing help remove complexity in people lives, which helps drive the service and represents the company delivers innovative, and very high-quality searches. Society feel that Bing delivers fast online information that have excellent interfaces with the others online. Using multiple channels for communication was a great idea that Bing came up with to win their online users and help build their brand presence on the internet. Bing will send out personalized reminders to customers which helped build up their loyalty area. People relate to Bing as a company and they makes products for the workplace and cater to newbies user-friendly, the internet helps Bing make others familiar with the brand, people have found Bing software is usable and appealing.
Loyalty of online Users
As part of the branding process from the company, the customers will view exhibits, campaigns, videos, posters, and virtual tours of the latest service. Each email given to online customers get a first look at new services and a 10 percent discount on all new advertisement accounts. As a branding manager I want to keep our customers loyal to the brand, so I will continue to send updates on our company. Customers identify with the brand personality, emotions, Bing is friendliness, solving problems for the customer. The brand brings excitement, creates inspirations and business building.
My steps I will use to establish my brand I will first copywrite my services to make sure the brand protected. Secondly, I would create a branding strategy which can be user friendly for employees, stakeholders, and customers, becoming user-friendly than my competitors. Third, my brand Bing promises its customers with innovation, a beautifully design, and stresses on quality, high design standards, the position strategy is important during the process. Fourth, graduating from my degree program and utilizing the information that will carry me into my career.


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