I will determine what needs to measure and measure what is really important. Managers should select,identify, and track relevant variables, which are of importance in organization. It is part of the employees job is to carry notebook or data recording to write the problems, potential problems and issues in organization like disturbances, inconsistencies, delays, etc. We can use site operations reviews, employee surveys and customer feedback to collect valuable data about the how the company delivers its product or service. Employee surveys provide valuable feedback on areas of inefficiency that employees experience daily. Employees or personnel will be more motivated if they know what they are expected to achieve. Customer reviews, whether solicited or gathered via online social media channels, tell companies about the user experience. It is important to listen to your customers and know their feedbacks. Ask the customers what they think like their experiences in our organization and employees or did their service experience match the promise made. it is very important to have a interaction with customers’ expectation. To help improve the skills of employee, we need to do a quality monitoring because it provides individual learning opportunities and developing skills where there are deficiencies. Lastly, we need to measure the result and keep track and monitor the progress.


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