I think that telecommuting has more advantages than disadvantages for several reasons. First, telecommuting can contribute to increase employee productivity. For instance, allowing employees to work from home gives them the opportunity to get away from work routine and make them feel the company cares about them. This makes the employees more satisfied and gladder, which can lead to increased productivity. Second, it is more saving as telecommuters do not have to commute to their workplace, which save their time and money. Third, telecommuting can help to increase the independence of telecommuters. For instance, it cancels the need for constant reminders, immediate supervisions from the executives and chiefs. Fourth, telecommuting often provides flexible work schedules. Therefore, telecommuters who have other commitments such as students or mothers are not usually expected to work at certain times or maintain a standard 6 to 8 hours workday. All in all, I could be argued that the benefits of telecommuting outweigh the drawbacks including raising work rate, saving, self-reliance and flexibility.


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