I therefor conclude that adolescents are being rebellious if they think that no one understand them. Maybe because they think that no one can understand them. Maybe because they think that no one wants trust them. As they said, being trusted is the best feeling so if adolescent don’t feel that their parents trust them, it would lead them to adolescent rebellion. Must say that, by just making them feel that they are loved, trusted, and important, you can prevent adolescent rebellion. Because adolescent are just attention seeker. If you are a lot of time to them, you will have time to share feelings. To ask them what happened to them, what they feel, want etc. Because at the stage of being adolescent, adolescent are making and establishing character that they would be. Adolescent, they are rebellious by nature, it is their way of finding themselves as well as what the limitations are. Their curiosity is awesome. Adolescent rebellion is by no means new in the world. Adolescent’s rebellion begins as a result of the desire for independence. Normal rebellion, through difficult to live with, is more praiseworthy than the desire for dependence. The opposite of rebellion would be the desire to stay at home, refusal to take responsibility for life, and fear of making decisions. Normal rebellion needs to be understood as the natural desire to grow, although being sought after in an awkward manner. Because it does contribute to growing maturity, normal rebellion (Increasing independence) should not only expected by parents- it is actually desirable


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