I personally think that ATVs are better than dirtbikes because that is what I would rather ride. I say this because I think they are more steadier than dirtbikes because of their four wheels. I also say this because I never really rode a dirtbike before. I always thought that I would fall off of it if I get the riding too fast. I rode a mini motorcycle before though, and it was fun and fast.
My opinion doesn’t mean anything though, it’s about the facts. Even though I like ATVs more, dirt bikes are safer than ATVs. I was surprised when I sawseen that though because I thought that ATVs were safer. Resources said that dirt bikes are safer because if you go around a curb on an ATV too fast, you might end up flipping. It also states that if u flip over an ATV, and its still on, its possible that the ATV can roll over you while you are on the ground. ATVs are heavier than dirt bikes and it will hurt if they roll over you.
ATVs are really fun off-road vehicles to ride. They started off with six wheels , then they went to three wheels; 2 wheels in the back and one in the front. Now ATVs have four wheels, that’s why most of my generation calls them four-wheelers. These vehicles first showed up in the 1960’s, and they were referred to as amphibious six-wheelers or amphibious all-terrain vehicles (AATV). Brake lights were not put on the ATV until 1998.
ATVs are used for multiple reasons, like racing, riding through the wood to shoot deer, and even more. ATVs are mostly used for races and stuff like that. I just like riding them because it’s fun to me. They be picking up speed too, especially if you are going down a straight road or dirt path. I personally think it’s better to ride down a dirt path because I like it when the dirt be coming from the tires. But this is my essay, thanks for reading.


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