I never would have imaged in a million years that my dad would be taking me to the first job as a sophomore in high school. As my dad took me I remember feeling nervous and really anxious about working at a golf range. I knew nothing about golf and the manager who interviewed me for the job went to the same high school I did. The entire interview process, he just talked about how great our school is and asked if our golf team was any good. The golf range will teach me a lot about what it takes to earn your money and how much work you have to put in.
The first shift I learned a lot about golf quickly and that was its frustrating as hell. Seeing guys and gals grunting as they try to hit the ball straight and have the ball slice instead. It was awesome. The range operates on machines once the customer swipes their card the ball would come up and the customer can start hitting. My duties were to fix jammed balls that got stuck in between pipes as they roll down. The best part about the job was the golf cart. Every shift out manager would pick a staff member to pick the grass. Meaning uses the golf cart that has a ball collecting system attached to it and go pick the balls on the field.
When I received my first paycheck I was expecting so much but got so little. $8.25 was the starting pay rate for all park monitors and each year they would give out .10 cent raises. I remember learning about FICA and federal and state tax and where the money goes. I’m glad that I learned that at a young age. After working there for 5 years I had to quit. I picked up a few things and learned a lot about hard work and how you earn your own money.


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