I have read many great books, but we have to admit that some great books have the power to make us better people. A good example of one of these books is Around the World in Eighty Days. This is a fiction story by the French writer Jules Verne.

Phileas Fogg is an extremely wealthy Englishman, with no idea about where the money came from. He is a clever man who is full of determination and courage. His French butler, Jean Passepartout has been recently hired, and hardly sees Mr. Fogg in the house. Mr. Fogg attempts to prove that one can travel the world in eighty days and therefore has a former bet with his fellow club members. During their journey around the world, they faced many challenges and difficulties. Besides the interesting story, this book has taught me many things when facing difficulties in life.

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First of all, of the many things I learned from this book, is overcoming difficulties and never giving up. Traveling around the world in eighty days is intangible for many people, but Mr. Fogg made it successful because he decided to not give up. I have learned that throughout the life we face a lot of difficulties but if we try to overcome then we may find the path to success. Nothing in life is easy, which is why you need to keep on persevering.

In the story, Mr. Fogg is a very punctual, well organized and serious Englishman. Once when he finds out that his valet is missing, people insisted him to continue his journey but he refused to continue without Passepartout. This incident also shows his humanity, kindness, and selflessness. Thus I learned to be more of a selfless person. I need to be considerate of other peoples feelings.

It was courageous of Mr. Fogg to rescue Aouda from the man who wants to kill her. He had to risk his life and freedom to rescue her, Mr. Fogg did whatever possible to reach within and free Aouda from the kidnappers. This also teaches that it is more important for us to give than to receive.

Though Mr. Fogg being a stubborn soon did he realize that essence of life should be more meaningful and colorful. People need to try different things in life. Most of the people live a boring life – eating in the same restaurant every day, sitting in the same seats and ordering the same food. Mr. Fogg was just a normal ordinary person before his journey, which made his life more challenging and meaningful.

Caught up in the fast-paced excitement of the journey, it is often easy for us to forget to question the morality of some of the decisions Fogg makes in order to achieve his goal.

I learned many moral values like loyalty, perseverance, devotion, compassion, calmness etc which I will implement in my life. I found the book highly inspiring.


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