I have always been in trouble while growing up. One day I had to attend anger management and my anger management teacher influenced me to talk to younger kids when I got older. Since then I have always wanted to make a difference in our youth today that can change them now or even later in life The job of a juvenile probation officer holds a huge part in a child life. It contains many types of jobs and responsibilities that are necessary. In order to be a juvenile probation officer it requires patiences, understanding, and loving. You must be able to supervise and counsel children and their families to get them back on track. Juvenile probation officer play a huge role in their community before a youth is placed in a correctional facility.
First thing you must have to become a juvenile probation officer is a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or a related field. Next, you would need to take a background check and complete a drug screen. Then, complete a state training program and pass a certification exam. Lastly, work as a trainee for at least one year before you can become permanent. Being a probation officer can be a stressful job. Having to deal with the youth families and friends who can be rude or uncooperative. But at the end of the day as long as you change that youth life around you help them see a better life decision for their future.
Juvenile probation officer must build a relationship with the children and families so they can know that someone not only care about they life, but also love them. Being able to change the troubled youth is a powerful meaning to many people. These kids deserve to have a second chance instead of being locked away. Little do people know when one become a juvenile probation officer you are helping keep the children n track and helping them focus on getting the best education. Probation officers need to make sure that the children stay out of enough trouble to make their goals come true or to even accomplish they goal.


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