I believe that Sinclair has always had intended to expose the horrible conditions faced by the immigrants. The immigrants just wanted to survive in Chicago’s while working at the meat packing. He done a magnificent job describing how the immigrants was used for unfair labor, the housing was as well unfair and then the economic conditions that they faced in packingtown. I feel that he done a better job describing the horrible conditions that the America’s was producing the meat. The way his descriptions on how the meat was having things add to them. This cause the politicians to wake up about the problems in the meat producing. From what I understand The Jungle is what helped with the pass of the Pure Food and Drug and Meat Inspection Act in 1906. I believe that the promise that the America held for some of the immigrants like Jurgus and Ona was the reason they come over. I could feel the disappointment that they seem to have about the land of the opportunity they said it was better but from my point of view I feel that sometimes things are not always better elsewhere. He points out that how people morals seem to change. He said that people morals was more of seeking financial gain then anything. He tells that people would change just for survival than what they believe in. I feel this happens today still a lot. People changes what they think is right or wrong just to fit in. We are all taught what is right and wrong when we are little most people seem to have the same point of view of whats right and wrong. But there are people who think what is right is not and that’s the problem and where people change to fit in or some kind of personal gain. I feel the character struggle with the conflicts of morals beliefs. I believe that the books talks about a few short comings with capitalism, one being where people seem to want to cheat or take others things. The book talks about how people would do the job the easy so that they would save money and time which would be immoral because it was the wrong way of doing things. It would also cause really bad health risk for the people that would be buying it to eat. I feel that in the end of the book that the it talks about all the particular failures of capitalism. Sinclair’s view is that it is inhuman and destructive. The book is shows the struggles of the working class under capitalism. The group of immigrants that was coming over for a promise of a higher wages and a happy better life. I believe that they may have it better than where they came from but still I would not see this to be a better happier life. I feel that they gave up on some of their morals to just make it. Which no one should ever give up on their beliefs just to have something better? I feel that the people that worked in the meat packing place was compared a lot to animals. One because the animals was not done right and the people was as well. They gave the immigrant that was poor no choice about their life. That is not right but I am sure things like this still goes on but we are less likely to hear about which is crazy because it wrong to not give someone a choice. I work in a nursing home and I feel that sometimes they do not give the people choice which I believe to be wrong because they should make their choice just because they are in there and cannot take care of themselves should not make them a less of a person and they should be able to pick or choose what they want. I believe that this novel has help out the people today to have a better place to work and a better way of making food to eat. I believe that it would happened maybe it would have taken a while before it happened if this was not written so it places a big part in the change of the U.S. meat packing and making of sausage. I also this has helped out others in different parts not just food. Now nursing homes have a lot of regulations for everything. Which is a good thing because I can never think how people can mistreat someone.


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