I believe that no-one is born truly evil or good but with the possible potential of both. Evil and Good are two ends of the same stick, in this case, the stick being life. I someone is rude to someone, they aren’t evil but at that moment, leaning towards it, however the next moment they could apologize and then be leaning towards good. Balance between these two extremes is what protects our lives from chaos. Especially there is not limit to Good or Evil and based off one’s point of view or a society’s point of view, an act could be praised more highly or depressed compared to other societal, political or personal normalities. These values are ranged to the point where good is evil and evil is good. This by itself is chaos if all these societal normalities are grouped together, hence why America is one of the most “screwed up” countries. Peace and harmony can be maintained in a small population with common morals (not necessarily good or evil). At the end, Good and Evil don’t actually exist and are different point of views of humans. There may be a thing similar to our terms “good and evil” the may apply to “our” universe or the multiverse but we are currently unaware of their basic rules. We may have them present on earth but they are definitely not followed. Religion could be created by “God” but it is more than likely created by humans how had different moral beliefs. To answer the main question, the potential of both Good and Evil is present to everyone at anytime they enter the world. It is just a matter of the environment they are raised in and the morals they are raised with. Hitler was raised in a both extremities of each environment, his uncle and father were abusive and his mother was kind but died when he was young. He fell into a deep misundering of Good and Evil which lead him down a dark path which he thought was the good for the world. The rest is history. In conclusion, Good and Evil is in the eyes of the beholder.

2. I believe that anyone can be redeemed if they have down an act of genuine evil only if they perform an act of good equal to that of the evil deed and/or their acts of good in life compensate for the only evil deed. If one commits a crime such as murder, they have taken a life. To compensate for that immediately and full, they could adopt an orphanage and give them a good life. They have then taken one life but saved another, as long as the don’t commit more acts of pure evil and commit acts of good that out way their evil. Again going back on the idea of evil and good are relative terms that can be interpreted in different ways ex: one can believe in karma so if someone kills someone they know, they would believe that killing the person who did it, is justice. However in the eyes of the law in Canada they both would go to jail for murder. Satanist and Christians are opposites and serve the extremities (gods) of each. Redemption is then relative and can apply to almost any extreme acts of each side of the stick.

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