I am, you are, we are Australian. Australians. Hmm. What are we as Australians? What is our identity as Australians? Well, ask anyone around the world we are known for many things. Especially our sense of humour, wide open space beaches, Great Barrier Reef, and the outback. Oh. Wait. I can’t forget the Vegemite. However, these aren’t the only reasons we are known for. As Australians, we are known for our cultural background, typical Australian lifestyle such as, being free, relax, living around native Australian icons, and most importantly our identity and sense of belonging to Australia.
The spirt of being an Australian can be difficult or almost impossible to show or say in words. However, many famous Australian poets and songwriters such as Judith Wright, Banjo Paterson, and most importantly the pop group “The Seekers”. These poets have expressed in words what is the spirt of being an Australian, our identity, our history, our culture, our indigenous background and what we are as “typical Australian”.
A poem written by Bruce Woodley and Dobe Newton “I am Australian” was released in 1980’s. This poem recognizes and celebrates unity, diversity, ethnic background, and recognition of our history. It recognizes significant occasions and symbols in Australia’s culture, history and sprit reflects Australian identity inside the iconography of the poem, which in itself is an Australian icon. This poem is a positive representation of Australia’s people, history and culture. The song contains many significant parts such as woman’s in society, aboriginal culture, and promotes Australia’s uniqueness internationally to the rest of the world. “I am Australian” lyrics are filled with many historic and culture allusion. The song gained a lot of popularity when it got released and still it’s so popular amongst all Australians that it was considered as alternative to the national anthem Advance Australia Fair.
The poem has many historical references that link directly back to Australian history which creates a visual representation in readers mind about the country. The first stanza is an extended metaphor, which begins with dreamtime and introduction to aboriginal as they watch very first ships come to the shores of their land. The first lyric of the song “I came from the dream time” uses the mythology of “golden age”. The lyrics “For forty thousand years I’ve been, the first Australian” explains and links back when the Aborigines first came to Australia 40,000 years ago, they created and told stories about how the world with its lands, animals, mountains etc. was created. The second stanza continues to elaborate on Australia’s history. “I came upon the prison ship, Bowed down by iron chains, I bought the land, endured the lash, And waited for the rains”. This talks about when the first Europeans settled in Australia. They were convicts and they were transported by ships. The repetition “I am Australian” emphasize the environment, creates a link between the country and the person thus, one feels connected to the country.
The chorus of the poem is very
Furthermore, the poem discusses about the famous Australian figures and people who all Australians still remember as great Australian icons. The


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