I am writing with regards to my application for prefect. I am aware of the responsibility and determination that this role requires and it would be an honour for me to carry this role and fulfill all the obligations and commitments with determination and excitement.

I consider that this role is perfectly suited for me as I have been in this school all my life, I have seen this school evolve and therefore I have been able to assess all the the pros and cons. With this knowledge i have acquired over the years from the school I have been able to gather a whole wide range of ideas that would make the school a better place. Furthermore this position would allow me to give back to the school after 15 years of knowledge and experience the school has provided me with. I have aspired to be a prefect since I knew about them, and this opportunity would allow me to help pupils from the school which need help. This not only is a satisfaction but the experience and knowledge gained would be delightful. If I am chosen to be a prefect I will carry out all the duties and obligations showing maturity, responsibility and I will be a helping hand and a role model to all.

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Throughout all the years i have been in this school i have gained valuable experience through my schooling and extra-curricular activities. Right now i am part of the primary help which is a volunteering group, which i love being part of as it provides me not only with essential values and experience, but this requires me to help the children with their work and the teacher with the running of the class which also requires determination passion and full commitment. I am also part of the relate group which helps to give ideas to make the school better than it already is, we have already been able to contribute and already I have seen a positive approach to the schools mentality when the posters of mental health day were hung around the school.

I have seen the school evolve since I came in, in nursery and It would be amazing and a unique opportunity if I can contribute to the further development of the school. If given this opportunity I promise I will fulfill this role with determination, excitement, integrity and full commitment. I already consider to be a very mature and respectful individual and my uniform is always impeccable. I also think i have all the skills and abilities to fulfill this role to the highest standard even beyond achievable.

In conclusion i would like to address once again how excited and determined i would be if i was given this unique and life changing opportunity. I feel I can be a good prefect, a helping hand to others and a good representative of the school as I believe I have the necessary qualities to become a prefect. I really hope i can be awarded this amazing opportunity. Thank you for taking time to read my letter. I look forward on hearing your decision.


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