I am Jean Valerie R. Caliguid, an 18 years old college student who passed the entrance examination and now a bona fide scholar of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, pursuing the course of Bachelor of Arts in English. I was born on the month that named after the Roman God, Janus with the exact date and year which is January 19, 1999. Does knowing this facts can define who I am?
Actually, me, myself and I still have a hard minute to answer the question about who I really am because what I believe is that, the only constant in the world is change and experience can change everything. I am not as complex as dramatic teenager who thinks that the world is against me, nor am I like a happy go lucky teenage girl, and like the ‘ain’t nothing but a chicken wing’ who doesn’t give a care in her surrounding but just to herself. Yes, I can’t say I’m like the other individual because we are all unique. We have our attributes that makes us unique. So I’ve always been known for having a gamesome, wise and adventurous personality and I can’t help showing this off because I like to smile thus making someone smile is part of my little joy in life and to discovering something new is really overwhelming and being wise is part of the package to give you a satisfaction. That makes me smile. I’m not the grade conscious kind of person but my accomplishments are really important to me because I love my parents and showing my achievements to them is the great gift, I guess.


I'm James!

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