I am a resident of Hamilton Ontario, on 22nd May 2018 I purchased a computer with serial no. 76428 from Best Buy store for $ 1000. The company gave a 2-year warranty and 6-month money back guaranty. I told that in case of any difficulty with the piece all money would be given back to me with immediate effect or if I wish I can choose another model.
After all these clauses I have purchased the computer, but from the very first day, it was troublesome for me. The processor was very slow, and it was taking much time, even in the small action of copy and pasting, Not only this, but the hard disk also failed, and all my essential data were lost. I complain regarding it, and even my repeated requests for a replacement.
I had written half a dozen messages to the administrator of the firm. All that I noticed was a reassurance from them that they see into the concern. I was persevering to the post office for the last five days. Furthermore, now I am exhausted from it; therefore, I request you kindly accept the complaint letter I am enclosing all that I had written to the firm’s director, along with their replies.
I am corresponding for you to request that my cash is paid in full, I can be contacted at the location given above, or by telephone at (416)5436755


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