Human capital is important asset of every organization that achieve ultimate goals in organization in this rapidly changing world organizations need to be aware of face more realistically towards keeping their human resources up-to-date (William et al 2003). employees must be creative, knowledgeable, innovative, flexible, and trained enough to work efficiently work in organization. Some of the employees failed to accomplish task on timely basis because they have lack of skills, abilities, knowledge and competencies (Zuhair Abbas 2014). Training and development just not generate benefit of organization but improves job knowledge while also helping in identifying with the goals of the organization. T & D is defined as the planned learning experiences that teach employees how to perform current and future jobs (Tahir, Yousafzai, Jan, & Hashim, 2014).

Training and development are defined as a process of developing work-related knowledge and expertise in employees for the drive to improving the organization performance. When a new employee is hire training is more important than development training make able to employees to work efficiently in organization and continuously advancement in technology employees must be educated and trained to perform well.
My research on banking sector in Islamabad to see the effect of training and development on job performance because I have experience of job in bank so my study is on all the bank in Islamabad and there is no previous research on the effect of training and development on job performance in banking sector in Islamabad.
This study intended to inform the managers of the bank importance of training and development on employees’ job performance as employee skills and knowledge are important assets that increase production and performance. This is because, bank is a service industry, the services that bank is provided are carried into its employees and the services are consumed by its customers at the same time.

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