How to respond and manage stress? How can you become less stress? This are questions that run through my mind and I’m pretty sure it run through everyone else’s mind as well. Psychologists have identified several psychological factors that can modify an individual’s response and way to manage stress as well as how it affects their physical health. People vary a deal in the way they respond to a distressing event, whether is a car accident or a bad grade in a final exam. There are a few ways a person can manage stress including problem focusing coping, emotion focused coping and social support.
Coping and managing stress references the way people try to interpret circumstances in our lives and try to make them less threatening. We as humans try to cope and manage stress in order to make it more favorable and easier to meet the demands and situations in our lives accordingly. Coping strategies are commonly used to reduce stressors amongst one’s life and keep emotions balances.
First, problem focused coping focuses primarily on the stressor and managing it. The aim is to manipulate the threatening stressor tackling the problem head on and finding a solution. Psychologists find this to be one of the most effective ways if a person has control over the situation and can come to some kind of rationalization to find a solution. An example of problem focused coping would be I know I have my medical terminology midterm exam coming up within the next few weeks to prepare and to cope with the stress I tackled the problem head on by developing a study schedule in advance. By developing this study schedule I now alleviate some of the stress I will have when the test comes up because I won’t have to have to cram and study the night before, I will be prepared.
Second, a second way to manage stress would be emotion focused coping this strategy is when people try and alleviate the way their feelings and emotions will be impacted by threatening stressors in their lives. In this coping strategy a person is not necessarily altering the problem at hand or changing it in any way but they are directing their attention elsewhere for the time being. One strategy part of the topic at hand is escape avoidance where a person escapes or avoids the stressor they are experiencing in their life. An example of this would be when someone experiences any form of grieving, depression, self-doubt or is just overall in a low place in their lives escaping the situation may be the best option for them. In that case they may attempt to change their environment, learn a new skill, try to add humor or happiness into their lives. Any change or escape routine would be part of a person trying to cope and manage their stress through emotion focused coping.
Last, a third strategy for managing stress would be seeking out social support. In stressful situations there are people there to help others manage stress in their lives between friends, social workers, clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, medical personnel and emergency personnel. Seeking out help is shown to help people perceive the degree in which a stressor is threatening, according to psychologists when a person seeks out social support it helps a person figure out what is causing them stress in their life, how to cope with the threatening situations in their lives. An example of seeking out help would be when my ex-boyfriend had broken up with me I was in a very sad and heartbroken emotional state and I wasn’t sure how to deal with the stressors in my life. I sought out for help from my friends who gave me advice and helped me process my feelings and the situation at hand. When a person is experiencing any type of stress in their life one strategy they can use to cope and manage the stress in their life is to seek out social support from others in their life whether it is a friend or a professional.
People vary a deal in the way they respond and manage a distressing event, whether is a car accident or a bad grade in a final exam. Coping and managing stress is an imperative aspect in a person’s life in that a person tries to manage that stress to make it more favorable and try to fit their life more accordingly so that their life is more suitable to their needs and at an equilibrium. There are a few ways people can manage stress in their lives including problem focused coping, emotion focused coping and social support. These three strategies are suitable to fit the needs on how to manage stress in one’s life by tackling the issue in one way or another and changing the circumstances so that they can better reduce the stressor in one’s life.


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