People usually divulge someone their favorite teacher during their academic time.Well,not me. Today i will divulge the person how taught me English. That person was Mr. Moustapha Nahm. He taught me patience and how be a good student in so many ways. He was my teacher from 2009-2011, during those years he definitely impacted my life. He applies himself differently depending on the student and the students needs. He had influenced me from his style of teaching through his patience and perseverance. Mr. Moustapha Nahm had taught me, by his prodigious ways of teaching and transmitting his knowledge, to love his English class which until then seemed to me hopeless. I believed that when i entered the class for the first time, the lessons would be like all the other classes boring, long and uninteresting. But no. His joy of living and his investment to help students have completely changed the way i thought about school.Mr. Moustapha Nahm was my private tutor too. During those hours, he always acted with me as friend, advising me on my future direction. I still remember him  asking me to write instead of  “i think” in your paragraph use “i believe”. He used too insist to pay attention about the grammar, because my weakness was mainly choosing the right word in my essay. I remember before the test day, he will ensure that comprehend the lesson and say”you should know that the way i will correct your paper will be different than others cause i will be more severe on yours. You don’t have any excuses to fail my class or to not have an A, you have help that others don’t possess.” Sometimes i will confess to him that my mom spank last night. The first words he always pronounce”The one who spank you or yelled at you when you’re wrong, that same person is the one who loves and cares for you, the one that wants you to succeed and believe that you will succeed.”Sometimes i shout “ yeah, you’re my mom wants the best for me but she just have to communicate with instead of spanking me.”We learned from the first class how to say “present”,”absent”,”i do not understand”, “can you repeat please”. From these bases, the teacher continues with 50 minutes of conversation, during which he notes on the board vocabulary and grammar. No student has the right to take a pen. Then, during the last 15 minutes, the students copy on their notebook what’s written on the board. The lesson was to be learned at each class, with an application exercise. Some students used to whispered that”Mr. Moustapha Nahm should be a trainer for all future teachers, all disciplines combined because he holds the key to pedagogy and the secret to make wise and attentive students the most churlish.


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