How is the color of the object formed? To answer the question: why the grass is green you need to know how the color of the object is formed in a person. Light and color (in particular, green grass) are inseparably related things. The fact is that according to the laws of physics the human eye sees the color of things as reflected by the subject. Sunlight consists of an infinite number (spectrum) of colors, which can be seen with the help of a prism. By sending a beam of light to the prism, on the other hand we get it decomposed into colors. If you collect these colors back, with the help of the second prism you will again get white light. Light through a prism All objects reflect, absorb or pass through these colors. And the color of the object turns out what color they reflect. And: if the object reflects all the colors, then the white color of the object turns out, if it absorbs all the colors, then it turns black. Therefore, in black clothes it is hotter than in light clothing. it absorbs all colors (all the energy of light) and the light reflects. And for the same reason, solar cells are black – their task is to absorb as much light energy as possible to make electricity out of it. So why is the grass green? The fact is that in plant cells (in particular herbs) there is a substance – chlorophyll. Thanks to chlorophyll, plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen when sunlight rays fall on their leaves. This process is called photosynthesis. It is chlorophyll that absorbs all the colors and reflects green, so the color of the grass turns green.


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