History of the FBI headquarters

In march 1965 the construction of the J. Edgar Hoover building ,better known as the FBI headquarters, started the building process, however, it wasn’t until September 1975 that it was open. The building is made out of

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In the time the building was built, federal crimes weren’t as big of a concern as they are today.At that time there were only 4 main crimes that the FBI dealt with. Those crimes were banking fraud, land fraud, extortion, and enslavement. Now there are 8 main crimes. The main crimes of 2018 are terrorism, counterintelligence , cyber crimes, public corruption, civil rights, organized crimes, violent crimes, and WMD. WMD meaning weapons of mass destruction.

The main purpose of the fbi is to protect the U.S. from terrorists and foreign intelligence threats. The fbi also has to enforce the laws the U.S. and show leadership to the people of the U.S.

The FBI headquarters has 11 floors and stands at 160 feet in height and is located at 935 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington DC. the building covers a total of 2,800,876 square feet. On one of the walls of the Fbi headquarters, the FBI top ten most wanted posters hang for both workers and visitors to see.

The FBI was originally made in 1908 and named the Bureau. It wasn’t until 1935 that it was officially titled the FBI. From the year 1912 to the year 1914 over 300 agents and 300 support staff that were assigned to different crimes. Although there are many FBI buildings, the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington DC is the main FBI headquarters. A FBI agent makes a yearly total of anywhere from $46,229 to $94,097. A senior agent with many years of experience as an FBI agent could earn up to $130,810 a year.

Edgar J. Hoover was born in Washington DC on January 1st of 1895. Hoover passed away on May 2nd of 1972. He worked as lawyer, and was a former librarian. He joined the Department of justice in 1917.The founders of the FBI are J. Edgar Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt, and Charles Joseph Bonaparte.

Before the FBI was called the FBI it was called BOI. BOI stands for Bureau of investigation. Now the FBI is called the FBI which stands for federal bureau of information. The current head of the FBI is James Comey.

The FBI falls under the executive branch of government. The main jobs of the FBI is linguists, surveillance specialist, intelligence analyst, profiler, and violent crime analyst.The job of a linguist is to do investigations, interrogations, and read formal text in foreign languages.Linguists get paid anywhere from $33,000 and $78,000 .The job of a surveillance specialist is to work with intense situations and be comfortable in them.They should also be willing to travel anywhere in the country that the FBI wants you to.Surveillance specialists have to do in person and electronic surveillance tasks. They can make from $65,100 to $79,050. The job of a profiler is to evaluate the crime and also to try to find out how the crime was committed. Profilers make about $48,000 to $87,000. The intelligence analysts make a yearly salary of $84,697 to $129,517.there job includes using critical thinking in order to investigate threats to the U.S. THe violent crime analysts find patterns and recurring themes in crimes in order to find the culprit or when or where another crime might take place. They make about $46,720. This position is one of the lowest paying is because after a short time in this position, workers move on to higher status in the FBI. The higher money amount of each status is the salary that the more exprienced peoplein the job will get, and the lesser amount is what the newer workers will get.

The branches of FBI are the FBI intelligence branch,FBI National security branch, FBI Criminal Cyber Response and service branch, FBI science and technology branch, FBI information and technology branch, and the FBI human resources branch.

To get into the FBI there is no set requirement as to what you have to go to college for however whatever you do need a four-year degree. You also need to be at least 23 years old and have at least three years of related job experience


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