Healthcare plays an important part in the economy of any country.
In the United States,
health care is one F±h of the na²on’s economy. With all the new changes that have happened
in the United States within the healthcare system, there is more data needed to see how we are
going to come out of this as a be³er na²on. The A´ordable Healthcare Act’s purpose and
implementa²on was to insure all American people would have health insurance coverage. This
did a´ect the economy in many ways. Small and large organiza²ons are all supposed to provide
health care coverage op²ons to their employees, if not, they will face penalty. This is the same
situa²on for individuals too; if an individual has no healthcare coverage at the end of the year
they will pay penal²es for no coverage when they are Fling taxes. “The ongoing ability to deliver
health care is, therefore, closely ²ed to the na²on’s economic health, regardless of whether
health care is delivered through public or private insurance programs” (Shi & Singh, 2014). The
na²on must come together and ac²vely make sure all organiza²ons o´er coverage for their
employees as well as make sure there is a´ord health care coverage for individuals to obtain so
we can help keep making the United States stronger and healthier


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