Having come to this country from Sri Lanka I have been provided with the opportunity to gain an insight into the importance of education. Since coming here I have not only achieved academic excellence but I have become a well-rounded person with a key to becoming an independent learner. Often my teachers will give me the opportunity to lead the class so I have managed to take on the responsibility of demonstrating my knowledge and techniques to achieving my end result.

I am so intrigued by Computer Science that my love of learning and passion has encouraged me to embark on part time work in the computing world. Within the work place, I have progressed exceedingly fast and my knowledge has superseded some managers. They have often asked me to commit to full time employment however, I believe that academic achievements at this stage of my life are far more important and being awarded a degree from the University of Westminster would be a reputable and invaluable achievement. My teacher also went to University of Westminster and speaks of it very positively which reinforces my thoughts of the university.

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Being awarded the scholarship would not only open up so many opportunities to me but would also leave me indebted to University of Westminster which I would want to be involved heavily in the alumni given my vision of the university.
If given the opportunity to gain the scholarship I can assure you my commitment to achieving my highest academic achievement will be by your favour and I would want to be representative of the university together with being a key player within the university community.


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