HOW to instal DRUPAL? Drupal web development software. It’s used to make websites and applications in new and innovative way. Drupal has very interesting features, like it’s open source, customizable, rapid development, API support,security. But what sets it apart is its flexibility; modularity is one of its core principles. Its tools help you build the versatile, structured content that dynamic web experiences need. Drupal 8 is the latest version, which is videly used and accepted. The installation process for drupal involves two steps. First, one will need to install a localhost and then drupal. To install localhost there are many open?source local servers available that you get to download like wampp, MAMP etc. Over here i have installed xampp server using which we can run drupal on any web browser, it is a software stack widely used for web development. You will then need to go to the download section on the webpage , based on your system specification , click on the download option for a 32bit or 64bit computer system. You will then be displayed a pop?up window where you can select the option “download directly”. This process should download a set up file to your system. This setup file has to be launched to install localhost. The next step is to install drupal, As I have chosen to install drupal 8 just type where you will get a download option, this will download the zipped setup file for drupal 8. The task doesn’t get over by downloading drupal and localhost, to run drupal and to start developing websites you must configure in with localhot. To configure drupal with xampp server, we must do some alterations in the folder. The xampp server gets installed in the c drive in which there will be a folder called htdocs which runs the localhost. So to configure it with drupal you need to first extract the zip folder and copy it in the xampp folder replacing it with the existing htdocs folder. Now we can start installing drupal . Firstly run localhost by starting the Apache and Mysql server after that we can run it in the web browser. The first frame which asks us to choose one language , choose English , save and continue .Secondly , they will ask the installation profile to choose, select standard which installs all the commonly used features. Next we must configure drupal with database to proceed the setup, here we must give the database name, username and password. To give a database name go to localhost/phpmyadmin where to can create a database. Username and password are generally root, sometimes the password won’t be set that’s why it’s not a required field, save and continue will install drupal in to localhost. After this we will get an option to configure our site where we can give the name for our website , email?address , username, password, time location etc, save and continue brings us to the end of installation where we find the admin page to star developing a drupal website. 


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