Graham Greene was a prominent British writer and dramatist whose works were both viewed as abstract and prevalent because of the social issues his stories raised and in addition his straightforward style of composing. Greene’s short story “The Case for the Defense” was first distributed in 1939.

The story starts with the announcement that what is going to be portrayed is the most bizarre murder preliminary the storyteller has ever seen. The storyteller is a columnist who goes to the preliminary on task. He has announced numerous different preliminaries yet never one that finished so strangely.

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The preliminary ought to have been a simple one, the storyteller claims. Four onlookers were accessible to give articulations that they had seen the killer at the scene. The killer has an exceptional appearance as is effectively unmistakable. He is a hefty man with thick thighs and swelling eyes. The journalist depicts the blamed as a terrible man with a face and assume that are difficult to overlook. The four witnesses saw the charged outside the casualty’s home. One lady, Mrs. Salmon, even observed the denounced with a sledge in his grasp. She watched the man drop the mallet in the hedges. The man at that point turned his face toward a road light, and that was when Mrs. Salmon got a full perspective of the executioner’s face. She had been watching him from her window over the road. A town clock had quite recently struck two in the early morning, so even the season of the murder was effectively settled.

At the point when the judge calls Mrs. Salmon to the stand, the storyteller expect the preliminary will be over rapidly; a decision will be come to effortlessly. Mrs. Salmon is an impeccable witness. It isn’t difficult to recognize that Mrs. Salmon has no malignancy in her way or voice as she gives her record of that deadly night. She sounds fair as well as has an exceptionally honest look about her.


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