Graduating with bachelors in IT security was the most challenging as well as exciting experienced I have encountered. Coming from a background where after completion of senior secondary school that I saw a computer where my former tutor had invited me for brief tutorials. The experienced from that day made me developed the passion for computers. I enrolled for a diploma course in ICT where I acquired broad understanding of computer system.

I joined Ghana Education Service-Jaman South Directorate as the IT coordinator overseeing a wide range of computer operations system, hardware maintenance and managing database. The hard drive of my organisation server crashed one day leading to huge data loss of which brought the office to a standstill. In an attempt to recover the data, expose me to computer forensics leading to information security studies. I was curious to learn more on the subject, which led me to pursue bachelors in IT Security. Due to weak foundation in programming languages, I took tutorials in JAVA, C++, PYTHON, HTML and CSS to enable me abreast myself with some of the courses I was undertaking. This made it possible for me to re-configure network with the following security features in place, firewall, encryption, and network separation. I worked freelance for corporate organisations in conducting threat assessment, established security policy for business continuity. I had the opportunity to be the project lead for USAID funded project dub ‘LEARNING’ where I got insights into project planning, budgeting, where I provided support and collaborated with stakeholders for the implementation of the “learning” project.

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My working experience in computer hardware, networking and security guided my decision in choosing Msc cyber security and management programme. My background in IT Security and acquiring a solid technical skills and knowledge in courses like security policy design and administration, advanced network security, computer forensics etc has been an inspiration and a well-considered long-term career goal.
My goal to study MSc Cyber Security and Management is to help fight cybercrime as Ghana has been list among top cyber fraud countries in West Africa. There is lack of information security awareness among information technology practitioners across diverse sectors. My interaction and working experience within the information technology profession clearly indicates, there is a huge gap for cyber security professional. In our higher academic institutions, very little or there is no curriculum framework that is tailored to train students to meet the evolving cyber threat facing our increasingly digital economy. I need to upgrade my practical technical skills and this programme will provide me with the necessary updated tools and skills to accomplish my career goals. Warwick Manufacturing Groups houses state of art research facilities with cyber security centre which train students internationally to commensurate with industry practical standards. Reading about UNDERWARE which focus on West Africa cybercrime activities particularly in Ghana is great opportunity for me to on-board culture dynamics, tactics employed by these fraudsters, to current and future research.

I will be looking forward to assume management level roles and be able to influence cyber security policy within the corporate world and in the academic institutions.


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