GOAL: Students will increase their awareness of the school traditions, routines, rules and expectations.

Activity Statement: Students will discuss some of the school traditions, routines and rules.

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Materials: Your high school is different in some ways from other high schools and you will need to show and tell (demonstrate) those differences as well as why they exist. Things that are typically unique could include: the bell schedule, map of the building, school rules, supply lists, names of staff, etc.

Resources: 9 Grade PowerPoint


1. Hold school assembly or other group orientation to educate students about school schedule, policies, traditions, expectations, school activities, support services, and other important aspects of being a new student in a new school.

2. Use this session as a community building exercise so that students become acquainted with being the school, where to seek information and prepare them to offer assistance to each other.

3. Following school orientation, hold first advisory meeting. Give students Counseling and Guidance Flyer and go over your tasks and way you can help them. ACTIVITY: Pass out and have students complete the list of “Student Needs” in terms of what classroom presentations you could make as well as what Group Sessions they need/want.

4. Use Upper Class Students to provide the information in some areas. For example, have an upper classmate on the football team to discuss the schedule for sports and costs for and obtaining tickets. 15 American Samoa Comprehensive Career Guidance and Counseling Program Grade 9 – Lesson 1

5. Play “Do You Know Your Neighbor?” (Or use one of the other ice breakers/team building exercises provided earlier) or do “round robin’ having students introduce themselves and give one fact they know that may help another student.

Key issues to cover during this session may include:

a. Ice Breakers

b. Student Handbook/Planner

c. School Rules d. School Personnel and their Roles

Discussion: Discussion Points:

1. Suggest that students make at least two copies of their schedule so that if they lose one they will have an extra copy.

2. Give students the important school phone numbers (e.g. the main office, counseling office, attendance office, etc.)

3. Identify key people and places including their school counselor, school


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