The name of globalization is well known and the term globalization is fairly new. Many people believe that this word of globalization is intrinsically ” good ” while others believe that globalization is inherently ” bad ” and others also assert that intrinsically it is bad and not bad. Therefore, globalization has both positive and negative effects.

Globalization is a state where there is no longer a boundary between people in the world to interact with each other and build relationships, and no longer have the boundaries of ideas. But so far globalization itself does not yet have a clear and complex definition. The word globalization comes from a foreign language meaning “globalization” taken from the word “global” which means universal. The explanation of globalization also varies but within the same scope of meaning.

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There are several views on globalization as new phenomena to new technologies such as cell phones, internet, and satellite. Others see globalization as an extension of a sustainable process that encompasses the whole of human history.

According to the International expert Steger, this globalization refers to a series of multidimensional social processes that, creating, multiplying, stretching, or identifying social interactions across the world and exchanging and fostering greater awareness to deepen local and nonlocal relationships.
Other scholars use the term deterritorialization. It is this term that puts forward the idea of globalization of the world, many social activities and exchanges can also take place without the need for any geography that functions as a constraint. The classic example of this deterritorialization term is the internet.

I will also explain about globalization according to some national and international experts which are as follows:
1. According to Selo Soemardjan
Globalization is a process of establishing communication systems and inter-community organizations around the world. The goal of globalization is to follow certain rules and systems such as the United Nations and the OIC.

2. According to Malcolm Waters
Globalization is a social process that has the effect of geographical restrictions on socio-cultural conditions is no longer or less important and does not become in the consciousness of people.

According to Scholte, there are several definitions of globalization that are intended by people as follows:
1. Internationalization: Increasing international relations.

2. Liberalization: The decreasing of boundaries between countries.

3. Universalization: The more spread of material and nonmaterial to the world.

4. Westernization: One form of universalization that spread the mind and culture of the West that is so globalized.

5. Transplanetary and Suprateritarianity: From the fourth explanation above, the four explanations are very different from this fifth explanation, because in the first to fourth definitions each still explains the state still maintains its ontology status while in this fifth explanation explains that the global world has its own ontology status not merely a combination of these countries.

Globalization not only has a positive impact on Indonesia but also has a negative impact on Indonesia as well. Therefore, we as a nation of Indonesia should be able to take advantage of the positive impact optimally and throw away all the negative effects of globalization. It is only for the sake of the Indonesian people so that our nation is better for the future. Here I explain the positive and negative impacts of globalization on the nation of Indonesia as follows:
Positive Impacts of Globalization
In this information disclosure, globalization can create or open access to get some information that is getting wide open, people can also get in various information from many media like television, radio, internet, social media, and so on. With this is the community increasingly critical, open, and intelligent. This is a positive impact of globalization on the Indonesian nation.

Communication is Quick and Easy
Currently in the era of globalization has been long enough, people prefer to use the medium of communication is fast and easy that is by phone, internet, or social media.

Development of Science and Technology
Globalization allows humans to study as high as overseas as in the United States and Europe. And when it is finished to study there is expected for them to apply and apply knowledge in Indonesia.

The Economy is Growing Rapidly
We can see that from the trade balance is quite good because the value of exports and imports is relatively balanced. In addition, Indonesia has always been glimpsed by the international community as the best place to invest especially for the mining, agriculture and textile industries.

Changing Values and Attitudes
The existence of modernization and globalization in this culture causes the shift of attitudes and values of all irrational society to be rational.

Better Life Level
At this time the level of life in Indonesia has been better than before. With the opening of an industry that produces sophisticated communication and transportation tools nowadays, it is one of the efforts to reduce our performance which can be considered unemployed and can improve people’s lives.

Positive Impacts of Globalization in Various Fields
Positive Impacts of Globalization on Social and Cultural Affairs
I. Increased learning on social and cultural values, a way of life, good mindset, and science and technology of the developed nation.

II. Increased job opportunities are high, like to work hard, discipline, and have soul independence, sportsmanship, rational and so on.

Positive Impact of Globalization on the Field of Defense, Law, and Security
I. Enforcement of demands on professional, accountable, and transparent law enforcement duties.

II. The enforcement of legislation is impartial and beneficial to the interests of the people who are quite a lot.

III. Strengthening the rule of law, democratization, and demands on the implementation of human rights.

IV. The strengthening of civil supremacy by placing soldiers and police as security guards, etc.

Positive Impacts of Globalization on Economic Sectors of Trade Sector
I. Liberalization in trade in goods, services, and other commodities provides an opportunity for Indonesia to participate in competing in seizing foreign trade markets, mainly on agricultural products, marine products, textile products and other mining products.…+-+Jurnal+Unsyiah;


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