Globalization plays a massive role in the adaptation of food within the Filipino culture, to many globalization theorists, “globalization is often viewed as an ominous homogenization of the world–where sameness is ubiquitously imposed, and the difference is steadily suppressed or eliminated” In terms of food communication, globalization is, “the multiple modes of interaction of the economic, political, social and cultural dimensions of globalization as the affect food-related matters, and as the latter in turn come to affect the former, in a series of ongoing dialectical relations characterized by the constant generation forms of complexity” ( Kikomr, 2012).
Globalization has a significant influence on food choices and health throughout the world, The availability of fast foods and other food sources has increased over the last decade in many countries upon the completion of the negotiations of the Free Trade Agreement with 20 countries, This agreement allows food importers and exporters to sell and exchange food products freely, with lower tariffs and taxes (Chaves, 2018).


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