Global Warming

Global warming is defined as sudden changes in temperature contributing to warmer temperatures. World organizations are encouraging people to be more environmentally conscious and to consider the impact of humans on earth. Scientists have been able to trace the changes in temperature and concluded that the warming trend will have a direct impact on all living organisms including humans. Global warming has become a controversial issue with strong opinions surrounding it. After the Industrial Era, it is evident that temperature changes have been rapidly occurring showing a measurable warming trend that will seriously impact the earth. However, advocates of industrialization argue that these rapid changes in the weather are caused by natural causes alone. Global warming represents a serious threat to the natural systems and human population; therefore, the government should implement more regulations on the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation and levels of carbon dioxide.
Deforestation is one of the major contributors to the change in temperature that society is witnessing today. The forests play a major role in maintaining suitable temperatures by acting like a carbon-sink. A possible implementation to prevent their risk of extinction can be educating people of the negative effects of deforestation. This method can also promote forestry projects. Forestry projects for carbon storage have thus been proposed as a vital component of climate change and mitigation strategies (cite). Millions of acres of forests have been taken with catastrophic results including the releasing of innumerable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere this is done so space can be made for cattle ranching and several other activities. Cattle ranching require lots of space so that cattle can be raised in great amount, while taxing more for beef will have society reconsidering its consumption while helping deforestation. These extra funds can then be used for forestation and campaigns to raise awareness about the environmental impact of meat consumption. Government can also implement new regulations along with monetary incentives to encourage livestock production on more suitable lands. Another factor contributing to deforestation is the desertification of land due to overpopulation and it increasing the need of more houses and roads. The Government should implement rules or even ban the act of clear cutting trees or reinforce the planting of a new tree for every old tree that is cut.

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