Give definitions of: –
Deflection plates
Focusing techniques

Deflection plates

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There are two type of deflection plates in cro
A) Vertical deflection plate
B) Horizontal deflection plate
The input signal for examining are fed to the vertical deflection system plate with the help of input attenuator and a number of amplifier stages. The main function of these amplifiers is to amplify the weak signals so that the amplified signals can produce the desirable signals.
Like the vertical system horizontal system also consist of horizontal amplifiers to amplify the weak input signals but in contrast to vertical deflection system, horizontal deflection plates are fed by a sweep voltage that provides a time base, the saw tooth sweep generator is triggered by the synchronizing amplifier when the sweep selector switch is in the internal position and thus the triggered saw tooth generator gives input to horizontal amplifier.


A pair of focusing grids – one horizontal and another vertical does the actual focusing of the electronic beam on to the screen. Electronic or magnetic fields operate these grids. Depending on the direction (positive or negative) and the intensity of the fields applied to them, the beam is deflected horizontally (or vertically) and thus, by using a suitable combination of these focusing grids; the beam can be focused to any point on the screen.


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