Geomorphic hazard and disaster

Earthquakes occur when two of the earth’s tectonic plates rub against each other causing the ground to shake violently because energy is built up when the two tectonic plates collide which causes fierce shaking of the ground. When an earthquake occurs, it usually causes a lot of destruction, mostly in urban areas.
On the 25th of April 2015, an earthquake occured in Nepal known as the Gorkha Earthquake. Nepal wasn’t the only area affected by the earthquake, China, India and Bangladesh were also affected by the earthquake.

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Location of Disaster.

The earthquake took place in the east side of the Gorkha District in a village name Barpak.

Map of Nepal showing where the earthquake took place


The Gorkha earthquake had killed up to 8,857 people, it left 21,952 people injured and left up to 3.5 million people homeless.
However Nepal was not the only area that was affected, The earthquake had also affected India,China and Bangladesh which means that in total 8,964 people were killed.
The earthquake also had a magnitude of 7.8MW

Image of Nepal after the earthquake

Strategies used to manage geomorphic hazards


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