General Manager
They have the obligation in managing the employees and for planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling in the business. Also known as the supervisors/owners of the café bar. They are also called operations managers because they are responsible for the successful day-to-day functioning of an organization.
Merchandising Manager
Merchandise managers coordinate and communicate with company buyers on what items to purchase for the cafe’s inventory. He is responsible in making purchases. He also work closely with the cafe’s marketing team to ensure that products are given effective promotional attention. He set various sales goals and then work with other employees to ensure that those goals are met. Managers aim to satisfy their customers’ needs while providing a positive work environment for their employees.
Kitchen Personnel
The Kitchen Personnel is assigned in the kitchen. Generally, the term pertains to kitchen assistants, helpers, or apprentices. Their tasks are producing meals and food preparation.
Also known as Servers. To accurately and completely take food and beverage orders, efficiently serve food and beverages to customers and attend to customers’ needs.
Security Guard
To patrol and protect the café bar, promote and enforce safety and security and act as a visible deterrent against irregular activity.
To patrol the place to preserve order among customers. Circulates among the customers to prevent irregular activities, to protect the guest artists, singers or musicians, and to detect persons annoying other customers or guests or damaging furnishings of establishment. He also warns customers guilty of infractions and evicts them tactfully from the premises if they become unruly or eject them by force if necessary. And call police if unable to quell disturbance.
Utility Officer
They are the ones to maintain the cleanliness inside the premises and comply with safety standards.

Maintenance Officer
Maintains systems and equipments by completing preventive maintenance schedules; restoring, repairing, rebuilding, or replacing faulty or inoperative components and parts.
He/she is the first person customers encounter inside the café bar. This person takes orders for customers and ring up the total purchase amount in addition to collecting payment for purchases. They may also verbally relay orders to other employees.

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