As a
psychiatrist, one would be keen to either control or eliminate emotional
difficulties of patients through therapeutic interventions that have minimal
side-effects. Identification of key neurobiological targets those are amenable
to interventions would form a very first step towards such treatments. However,
numerous abnormalities in the brain circuitry that emotional setback embraces,
besides identification and deciphering specific circuits involved in the
alteration of neurocircuitry of complex process also presents a great
challenge. The problem just does not gets solved here, but stretches itself to
identification of potential biological characteristics be it either non coding
RNA(s) or genes specifically expressed in a particular circuit. Further,
examination of putative alteration/expression of biological marker with respect
to other molecules in a single cohort would help to extract more comprehensive
understanding of neurocircuits that underlie complex process like emotion,
thinking and learning. Therefore, identification and understanding of biological
characteristics more or less related to a particular circuit that forms key
point in a complex process is the area that more often interests me.

Past couple of
decade has seen technology being subjected to groundbreaking advancement which
provides a tool to scientific community to study molecular mechanism of complex
process more efficiently and accurately. Meanwhile, collaborative efforts
across several domains have yielded valuable synergy towards deciphering empirical
data and providing significant/useful information for further investigations.
Computational approaches offers great deal to approximate biological activity and
conclude several rules that might be involved in controlling the complex
process. At the same time, integration of systems biology approaches with that
of network biology and statistics has proven to provide a better overview of
interactions/activity that a biological characteristic is involved in with
other molecules.

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Hence, I would
like to investigate potential relationships/interactions that might exist
between non coding RNA(s) and stimulant based epigenetic pattern with that of
anatomical projections and its effect as a whole on neurocircuitry of emotions
through an approach that integrates concepts from systems neuroscience.
Conclusively, identifying key waypoints that plays substantial role in the
regulation/alteration of complex neuro-circuits of emotions and memory.


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