Front office: Mr.Ogeto and Okumu
Functions of Front office.

1. Front office supports the security function by filtering the people walking and accessing the main offices in the organization.
2. Front office enables guests who visit an office to be answered adequately on any questions that they may have as they are in the course of getting the comprehensive assistance. Whenever a client or passerby has any kind of questions, she should be able to get a clear and professional answer from the attendant in the front office.
3. It aids in the manner in which petty cash is being used and managed. This is so in the sense that the space in the office is sufficient enough to carry out the tasks that are needed as far as the movement of dismal amount of cash is concerned. It is noteworthy that front desks in many cases function as payment venue. This is also where the receipts are likely to be issued.
4. Front office acts as a desk in which information can be requested for by the clients even before reaching to the consultant or the specialist. The front desk clerks and secretaries deal heavily in customer relations.
5. It is the part of the office that aids in the making of appointments and reservations. Best practices of office actually require that protocol has to be followed whenever having an appointment with a client. It is at the front office where all these take place.
6. It acts as a link between the guests and other departments in the day to day office management.
7. It enhances the recording and delivering of messages at both the internal and external levels. It is at the front office where phone calls are made and answered. Customers who are far may also utilize this to reach the office.
8. Front office keeps the record of all persons entering or departing the premises. On this it is able to keep check on the number of people who may have perhaps had a physical contact with the office.

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