From:Zunita bt HayariTo:Pn Norazmah Suhailah bt Abdul MalekSubject:A Report of The Clogged Drains in Taman Lapangan Jaya, Ipoh
I have currently makes a survey about the clogged drains that happened at my locality, Taman Lapangan Jaya, Ipoh, Perak.

The objective of the investigation is to getting cooperation from the authorities in order to solve this problem
To get the result of my survey I give them the questionnaire form to be filled up as below:
Alamat :
Masaalah Yang Dihadapi dari Longkang Yang Tidak Dibersihkan: Tandakan
1. Limpahan air busuk apabila hujan 2. Bau busuk dari air yang bertakung dalam longkang3. Tempat nyamuk membiak4. Lain-lain: (nyatakan)
The result of the questionnaire survey from all the residents shows that they have a problem about the clogged drain. This problem becomes even worse when heavy rain.

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Problem Occurs:
Overflow – when raining
Bad odour/Smelly
Mosquitoes breeding – dengue
Observation of Cleaning Drainage starting from June 2018
Month Cleaning by Town Council Workers Remarks
June None July None Done by residents – “Gotong Royong Pembersihan Kawasan”
August None September None October From the observation, I found that there are no town council workers clearing the drainages. On July 2018, residents take their own initiatives to clean drains in this residential area.

Data Analyses
Most of the drains in Taman Lapangan Jaya are clogged with rubbish resulting in the water becoming stagnant. It is not uncommon to see plastic bags, dry leaves and soil in these drains.
The drains would usually overflow when there is heavy rain and the rubbish would then flow into the compounds of the houses. They have to wait for the rain water receding to clean their housing compound. Not only that, they also have to smell the unpleasant odour from the water drain clogged.

The residents also complain that the stagnant water is a breeding place for mosquitoes. The stagnating water attracts the mosquitoes to lay egg and breeding on the area. They worried as there has been a sharp increase in dengue cases. The fogging authority only did their job whenever a case of dengue occurred. It was not done accordingly to the schedule.

Although the cleaning done by the residents, but all the trashes, grass and soil that have been removed from the drains was not collected by the Council workers that collect garbage. When it rains, all the trash will flow back into the drain.

Although many complaints sent to local authority, they are always gave empty promises and doing nothing.

Conclusion and Recommendations
As the result from the observation and analysis, although the complaints are been made to the Council regarding the problem, but there are no action taken to solve it. It became worse when raining and many more problems arising especially relating to health of the residents.

This problem can be resolved if the Council take due attention and provides periodic table and monitored by related authorities.

In addition, residents must also giving continuing cooperation by not littering rubbish into drains and clean the drains around their home.

Written by,
(Zunita bt Hayari)
Resident of Taman Lapangan Jaya


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