From the above it is quite evident that there is positive relationship between the two variables i.e. supportive leadership behavior and employee innovative behavior. As per the researcher Bass, “leadership consists of influencing the attitudes and behaviors of individuals and the interaction within and between groups for the purpose of achieving goals.” Hence, a leader is the one who can make difference by understanding the change him/herself, makes strategies for change and flourishing together with his/her followers. Therefore, leadership is not based only at the traits of the leader but it is the social process that occurs between followers and the leader, i.e. leadership is a relational process. The organizations should develop training programs and other relevant activities for supporting and establishing the relationship of trust to promote the knowledge sharing and gaining relevant information.
Due to the increased importance of innovation as an important ingredient for organizational success and survival, study of those factors that enhance innovative work behavior has also increased. In the presence of tough competition, organizations are consistently looking for change. Innovative behavior is repeatedly considered as the foundation of change in the organization as well as innovation in the organization.
Innovative work behavior is focused on such actions that are initiated by the individuals themselves and their aim is to improve the present conditions or generating new ones for the organization and for themselves. In order to make it possible.


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