Four wheelers better because it’s easy to ride on . Riding a dirt bike is a little harder because it only have 2 wheels ; riding a dirt bike you can get hurt pretty bad . On a 4 wheeler you still can get hurt but not that bad . Dirt bikes are funny to ride on but some people got to be careful when he or she is doing a wheelie and on 4 wheelers . On 4 wheelers you don’t have to think about holding your balance on a 4 wheeler because it have 4 wheel ; A dirty bike only have 2 .

The 1st 4 wheeler was discover in 1982 . In 1990 farmers use 4 wheeler to help them with the farm . A 4 wheeler have power to it . ATV is another name for 4 wheeled . ATV mean All-Terrain Vehicle . Some 4 wheeler comes in a big or small sizes . Four wheelers when they 1st made it , it use to have 3 wheels . Suzuki was leader in the development of 4 wheeler ATV , 1982 – 1987 quadrunner LT125 .

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Four wheelers are very heavier than dirt bike . Riding a 4 wheeler you going to need a lot of gas . A ATV can cost a least over 10,000 or less . Most people rides 4 wheeler . A any purchase bike is $7500 , 10 years of insurance is $2500 , 10 years of trail permits $1400 , 10 years of maintenance is $1500 . Anybody that is going to buy a ATV is going to spend a lot of money .

Its legal for anybody to ride any vehicles , even without a driver license . A AVT can be hard to control a particularly at high speed . In the U.S. they discourages age 16 or younger from driving or riding on a ATV . You can ride a ATV in your yard at any age. ATV law is no off highway vehicle may be operated on the public streets , roads , or highway of this state .


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