Governments should expend a huge amount of money from health budget for preventive actions because in today’s world, many people are dying from various types of health related problems due to the lack of appropriate health awareness and preventive measures. “It’s agreed that this policy has a great number of benefits and this will be proven by analysing economical point of view of a country and people’s health aspects.”1Firstly, the importance of health prevention is not only to reduce the disease, but also to reduce the risk factors.Many governments fight against various types of diseases,especially diabetes and the cardiovascular diseases.It can be ceased by taking some preventive measure before these diseases assault the people.Making parks, playground can motivate people to do exercise, which can decrease the chances of becoming ill.This can be achieved by investing the money in preventive measures from health budget. 2Secondly, many regimes spend an enormous amount of money in order to treat their people who are suffering from different types of various diseases.This extravagance can be easily diminished when a government reduces curative health expenditure by spending money on the researches that will prevent people from diseases. “Despite the need, most of researches are focused on the diseases and not on disease prevention.So, there shouldn’t be a lack of coordination between governmental institutions and researchers.Political regulations in the healthcare sector must be arranged carefully.”3Otherwise, even if prevention has solid evidence of cost-effectiveness there is the common case of patients suffering by pure chance.For instance, it’s known that people can suffer from lung cancer having never smoked anything whereas someone smoking twenty a day can escape such an illness.Hence, even having followed government guidance, there would still be a need for treatment.4Overall, diseases are mostly treated by their symptoms and it’s not a permanent solution until preventive measures are integrated in the general treatment.Though, prentive healthcare system ensures a remarkable save in the budget that’s mostly used for curative health expenditure.Following this strategy, the government could provide public to improve the quality of life first of all and also economical advantages.


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