Firstly, how budgeting affect our daily life is budgeting gives us control over our own money. Creating a budget is a path that guided us on how should we spend and save our own money. With budgeting, we control our own money and not our money that controls us. Budgeting helps us to decide if we want to sacrifice short term spending like buying coffee every day in exchange for a long term goals like buying a new car or go travelling.

Secondly, budgeting keeps us focused on our own financial goals. Budgeting helps us to avoid spending on unnecessarily items or services that we do not really need in the mean times on reaching our financial goals. If we are working with limited resources, budgeting makes it easier to reach our goals.

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Next point, budgeting makes us aware what is going on with our own money. With budgeting, we will have a clear view on the money movement on how the money being spent or where the money is going to. Budgeting helps us avoid from wondering at the end of the month where our money went.
Budgeting helps us organize our spending and savings. By separating our money into categories of expenditures and savings, a spending plan helps us aware which category of expenditure takes which portion of our money. In that way, it is easy for us to make adjustments on how we are going to spend our money.
Budgeting makes us to decide in advance how our own money will work for us. Budget plan that we create enables us to know what we can afford, enables us to take advantage of buying or investing opportunities, and plan on how we are going to reduce our debt. Budgeting also can tells us what is important or our needs based on how we categorize the money in hands, how our money are going to work for us and see how close we are to reach our financial goals.
Budgeting enables us to save for expected and unexpected costs. Budgeting allows us to plan to set aside money for emergency costs. Other than that, it helps us with provided information as a reference for organizing our bills, receipts, and statements. When our money transaction are organized, we will save time effort for time to pay taxes or creditors references.

Enables you to communicate with your significant others about money – If you share your money with your spouse, family, or anyone, a budget can communicate how you use money as a group. This promotes teamwork on working for common financial goals and prevents conflict on how money is used. Creating a budget in tandem with your spouse will avoid conflicts and resolve personal differences on how your money is spent. Budgeting teaches family members spending responsibility and accountability.

Budgeting helps us determine if we can take debt and how much of the debt we can afford. Taking debt is not necessarily a bad thing if the debt is really necessary at the time being within the range we can afford. Budgeting shows you how much debt load we can realistically take without being stressed. Budgeting also being a big favors to us, it provides us with an early


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