First the hotel general manager has the vision and very clear focused beliefs about the importance to have an effective operation where customers have every right to demand for the best service. In order to compete for business in the hotel industry, the general manager have to make impeccable quality strategy where he recognizes that it is impeccable service which gives our competitive advantage. Since it is cheaper to retain regular guests than to attract new ones, he understand the advantage of retaining guests through providing impeccable services which will in a way retain high occupancy rates to keep costs down while achieving reasonable profit. To achieve that, he set basic standards for his staff to be well trained, knowledgeable, sensitive to think ahead in order to provide basic and value services to satisfy customer’s . The ability to remember regular customer’s information can also add on to a personal touch when their next visit. Plus, quality services in terms of providing good design and top-class materials and being able to practise good preventive maintenance to the building and equipment is also another way of sustaining high class image and luxurious to create a comfortable feeling to welcome the guests.


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