The First Amendment grants citizens five freedoms. They state people have the freedom of speech, or right to say what we think, the freedom of religion, right to practice any or none without government interference, freedom of petition, the right to petition against the government without fear of consequences, the freedom to assemble, the right to gather and peaceably voice concerns, and the freedom of the press, the right to publish and distribute information. Of the five freedoms in the First Amendment, the three most important are speech, religion and petition. These three are the most important because they are the personal freedoms that cannot be influenced by the group of an assembly or outspoken for like the press does.    The freedom of Speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment. This freedom states that someone’s right to say something is protected within certain limits. The freedom of speech is important because it is a fundamental human right that reinforces all other human rights and allows them to flourish. The ability to express our opinion and speak freely is essential to bring change in society. Freedom of speech has always been important throughout history because it has been used to fight for change. Through this time, the ability to speak our mind and say our beliefs, has gotten us very far in society already. Through women’s suffrage and their vote, along with the change from terrible working conditions in mining, freedom to speak has made this possible. The freedom of speech is also important because people need to be heard. Free speech is not all about the ability to speak but the ability to listen and allow others to be heard. For growth to occur, Americans need to be comfortable being in the same room with people who disagree with them otherwise nothing will change. The need is necessary for them to hear the other opinions and answers so they can work together in all aspects like government, business, families, and friends. Now this stance is not one sided at all. This freedom also includes the right to challenge, oppose, and protest against differing views. The freedom of speech is one of the most important rights. A free society depends on the free exchange of ideas.     Secondly, the freedom of religion is guaranteed in the First Amendment. This amendment says that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the practice thereof. This means that everyone has the right to choose a religion or no religion without interference by the government. Freedom of religion is important because it makes the lives of Americans better. No person has to worry about being ridiculed about his or her beliefs. People can freely attend a religious place anytime, just like the Pilgrims came to do. The pilgrims sought religious freedom and a place to live and worship God in a way they saw fit. They saw the Christian family as a little church, government, and society. Their whole goal was to honor God by promoting religious freedom in the next generations to come so they would make a positive contribution to society. Religious freedom helped make these contributions settled. Another reason freedom of religion is important is living in a country without it can be dangerous and depressing. Burma, China, and Eritrea are the top countries who allow little to no religious freedom. All these country governments require a religious group to register to become a legal group. Outside religions have faced prosecution and severe repression including charges, torture and imprisonment. This control over the country attacks and crushes the soles of these smaller groups. Facts have shown, People differ in what we think happiness is and exists, and they search for it. Happiness can be found in religion so taking it away is something no country should be in charge of. The freedom of religion is important because it changes the lives of Americans for the better.Lastly, the freedom of petition is also guaranteed in the First Amendment. This Amendment states that citizens have the right to join fellow citizens in protest or peaceful assembly. This means that people have the right to gather together and voice concerns against the government. Freedom of speech and freedom to protest are closely linked. Free speech would mean nothing if there wasn’t a right to use public spaces to make your views known. Protests help citizens speak their mind by encouraging, strengthening, enabling or expressing what their need is. Although the freedom of petition will protect a peaceful protest, this Amendment will not protect a group who uses hate speech or violence. Hate Speech is speech that targets a person or group based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, disability or other distinction. Hate Speech Laws have been extended in a gradual way to ban expanding categories of speech. While protesting can be differentiated as good or bad, protesting is also granted as a right. Protesting was given by the government so people can speak openly if they are passionate enough to share. Nancy Armour states that “When we disagree, when we see our great country falling short or failing its own, it is our civic duty to speak up — even if the timing is less than ideal and the method makes some uncomfortable (Armour 2016).” What the author is trying to convey is that America is a country that gives freedoms so people can speak up or protest if they believe in something very strongly. This quote relates back relevantly to the freedom of speech, what we can and can’t say. Freedom of Speech can include nonverbal expressions too. So with a peaceful protest, the nonverbal actions people do, like holding a banner contribute to their freedom of petition. The right to protest includes the ability to state an opinion without loss of job or interference by the government.         The three most important freedoms in the First Amendment are speech, religion and petition. These freedoms are the most important because they are the personal freedoms that cannot be influenced by the group of an assembly or outspoken for like the press does. Being able to speak openly, choose or not choose your own faith and gather publicly to express your opinion are necessary to fulfill the rights granted to you by the government. The freedom of speech, religion and petition are given to the people to protect them and allow them to live without fear or interference by the government.


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