Feeling grief and hopelessness for a long time isn’t anyone’s choice. People who are depressed feel that way and they need to get help because for many reasons. A way of helping these people are therapy. Therapy and antidepressants are known to help people instead of doing nothing. Depression can change how a person can act and possibly change relationships. People who don’t go to get help suffer so much to a point where sometimes death or suicide is an option. Depression can be caused from multiple reasons and depression can also affect many people; however, having someone you know or yourself get help for depression can help in the long run.
The Article “Depression” found in National Institute of Mental Health explains many things, but one question that comes to a person’s head is “What is depression?” In the passage, the author said that ¨Depression is a disorder that changes someone’s mood, thought, and their acting in a negative direction.¨ The person who is depressed can feel as if their world is ending and he/she shows more severe symptoms of sadness or anger. People who are depressed can also change physical appearance and their health. For example, a person with depression can lose or gain weight while either having a small interest in food or the person can use food to cope with depression. The author also said that some risks of depression can be such as; history of other disorders like anxiety or ADHD, history of depression in the family, life changing events, the brain’s physical and chemistry structure, hormone changes or certain type of medicines. Even as a most common disorder, there can be many risks to having depression at many ages.
As known, there are also symptoms to look for in a friend or loved one, and Medical News Today, by Jennifer Berry, tells the reader about those specific things. Jennifer stated that ¨Symptoms and causes of depression can vary widely from person to person.¨ So some symptoms are more noticeable than others. Jennifer explained that the person who is depressed don’t have any interest or pleasure with the things they would like to do. Also, if someone talks to a depressed person, that person will talk slow and/or not even focus in the conversation. Depression can make someone more tired, making it harder for them to things that they usually do. That person can also have low self esteem, feeling as if they are a failure in life and they can’t do anything to make the depression decrease. As a result, if a friend or love one go eat with someone with these symptoms, the person would either attempt to avoid the food or eat more than usual. These are the ways to see if someone is going a rough time in their life.
Even though depression is a dark subject, there’s also a light to it. There are multiple ways to get treatment. Dina Caglistro, PhD, wrote the passage ¨Depression: Persistent Sadness and Loss of Interest in Life.¨ Dina explained that therapy and counseling is a good way to treat depression. Talking to someone about their issues in life can help by ´letting it out.´ She also pointed out different treatments are offered for different types of depression. For example, people who have Seasonal Affective Disorder would have Light Therapy, and here’s also Cognitive behavior therapy, both of those help the thought process. Dina also put that doing exercises like Yoga and dieting can help. But if the depression gets worse, it is recommended that the patient get an expert like a psychiatrist or a phycologist. There is many different treatments for a person to help with depression and find the one they believe will help the most.
Depression is hard for someone to go through, but showing someone some ways to get help can change that person to how they were before or even better. As stated by Dina Caglistro in her passage,¨Therapy with anyone from a guidance to a certified therapist can work wonders.¨ Getting any kind of treatment is the best medicine for depression. Look for how their acting has changed. See if they’re in the conversation or if they´re talking slower than usual. Examine if the person is growing a low self esteem or if they´re cutting themselves down. Depression would even go as far that the person would stop doing the things that they loved to do. If they have those symptoms, recommend them gently for help. All to conclude, having anyone that you know or even yourself has symptoms of depression, getting treatment can help any person in their future.


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