similar to standard substance abuse.

desirable, the
underlying traits that come along with it can lead the person down a
destructive path very

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In conclusion, while
fame in the eyes of the everyday person can seem glamourous and

them, whether it’s
through charities, foundations, or fundraisers.

persevere and use their
celebrity platform as place to bring positivity and change to the world around

off than before, and
potentially leading to their death. If one has the mental fortitude, they can

tangible substances and
start down the dark road of actual substance abuse, leaving them even worse

they feel can exacerbate
to the point where the replace the lack of what they’re seeking with actual

negative. This, however,
can be dangerous, as they crave more attention and spotlight, the isolation

public adoration” are
your benefits, it’s hard to not tell yourself that the positive outweighs the

come in many different
forms. After all, when the “allure of wealth, access, preferential treatment,

insecure. And, while an addict may only have the high of the
substance they’re on, a celebrities highs

substance takes ahold of
their life. Fame can have similar effects, leaving the individual feeling alone

normal substance abuse
scenarios one may see the addict withdraw and isolate themselves as the

symptomology of the two
areas, you can find that they have more in common than you first thought. In

comparable to opioid or
similar addictions may seem laughable. However, once you analyze the

a rampant issue in the
lives of everyday Americans around the country, so at first the notion that
fame is

working with celebrities
to break down the composition of fame as a substance abuse issue. Addiction is

Close-up: Celebrity
Experience and the Phenomenology of Fame”, Rockwell uses her real life accounts

conclusion of fames
addictive nature, but even wrote a chapter in a book about it. In “Ready for

Rockwell has worked with
several celebrities first-hand, which is how she not only came to the

to Donna Rockwell, a
clinical psychologist specializing in celebrity mental health.

‘Why is that?’ one is
may ask themselves. The answer may lie in the addictive nature of fame,

these self-professed
misgivings on the matter, celebrities and non-celebrities alike still desire

toy in a shop window”;
essentially, feeling trapped in the public eye with no escape. And yet, despite

an animal in a cage” or

you can see a darker
side of fame which has been described as feeling like, “

can take its toll on
each person it is thrust upon. Once you look past the glitz, the glam, and the

openly voice their
struggle with fame. From rapper Eminem, to actress and pop star Demi Lovato,

If you follow
pop-culture, at some point you likely have come across a celebrity who seems to


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