Factual Description about Oxygen Running Out

Dictionary.com states that oxygen is a clear, odourless, gas element consisting of about one-fifth of the atmosphere and existing in a combined state in nature. It is the supporter of burning (in an explosion or fire) in the air.
Oxygen has an atomic number of eight, and its symbol is the letter O. It is one of the most important chemical elements in the universe. Without oxygen, complicated or non-complicated life forms would not be possible. Oxygen is essential for many things, not just life. It allows chemical and chain reactions like a fire to burn and water to form.
Oxygen is important in our world because without it all life would cease to exist because without it our brain cells would die and our other cells would explode into hydrogen gas.
As the world runs out of oxygen and gets to the point where it can’t support life your skin colour would turn to red or blue or anything in between, confusion, fast or slow heart rate, rapid breathing, sweating, and extreme wheezing would happen and after that is nearly unavoidable death unless we evolve to use less oxygen.
The world running out of oxygen is one of the deadliest things that could happen to the earth. If the earth was to lose oxygen completely for 5 seconds your inner ear would explode, everyone outside might get sunburnt, the earth’s crust will become unstable and cause earthquakes, untreated metal would melt onto other untreated metal, the oceans would turn into hydrogen gas and daytime would turn dark. Thus if we lose oxygen completely even for 5 seconds water wouldn’t exist and everyone would die.

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As the picture says water would evaporate because water is 1/3 oxygen.


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