Social networks spent a lot of time in 2017 managing to what extent their systems were used to disseminate politically incorrect information. However, the limited knowledge of last year’s exams could cause more suffering in 2018, as the US central elections UU They create a new urgency for the stress situation to be resolved. At the beginning of these 12 months, Facebook in opposition to the concept that it could have an unconscious role in a stranger will have an impact on the campaign. After the election of Donald Trump, the leader of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, defines the concept that his website could have influenced citizens as a “loop concept”, independently of the evidence that the deceptions and lies. in the social network. the marketing campaign. (Later, he apologized for the comment and said it was “disgusting and I regret it.”) In April, the organization changed course and published the results of a long investigation on Statistics Operations and Facebook “describing all this”. diffuse and insidious forms of abuse “that can appear online on the site,” which imply trying to manipulate civil discourse and misinforming people. “An element that was lacking in this document became the identity of the vicious actor. It turned out that the company had withdrawn the Russian entries from the protocol due to legal problems before publication.In a blog post on compliance with standards in September, there was no such concern: the company revealed the amount of Russian interference for the first time and he discovered that he had found almost 500 inauthentic debts and pages for a total of $ 100,000 for advertising had gone by. Spicy In October, the company shared similar information about the ads and the number of people who saw them (126 million at the latest), and testified on Google and Twitter during a different congressional hearing. Twitter also had to reveal some uncomfortable truths. He launched a list of more than two hundred and seven hundred dollars that he would have had with the help of the Internet research company, a “Troll Marine” based in St. Petersburg. He also had an embarrassing dispute with Russian news companies Sputnik and RT over whether the thousands and thousands of dollars he took in advertising from the country’s stations meant foreign interference. Finally he donated the money to finance educational research in the elections and civic engagement and also banned marketing organizations. Google has become remarkably easy for its component. Despite the well-documented false information from the hunting machine (it has often found questionable reports or complete falsehoods at the top of its investigation to break journalistic activities), the company appears to have been biased to be particularly manipulated by the company. internet research. As 2017 comes to an end, Facebook makes you ask why your problems are on the back. But there are great concerns about them, which will bring the problem directly to the first pages of the new year. Above all, the fear of Russian disinformation has left behind the international past and Facebook is not mistaken in its reaction. Indirect evidence suggests that campaigns of Russian influence were much more important than only in the United States, with the more or less affected votes in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. However, while the reaction of the social network in the United States was a one-month investigation that resulted in the transmission of a large number of files to Congress, the British agency was accused of staining Parliament with a lazy repetition previous conclusions . “It seems that no work has been done with the help of fb to look for the Russian hobby around the European referendum, apart from the sponsored commercials of the bills that had already been recognized in the context of the Senate Investigation of U.S “. Conservative Deputy Damian Collins, chairman of the selection committee, is asking for solutions for this census. “With the help of Facebook, we have not worked to find several false debts and sites associated with subsidized Russian companies that would live during the EU referendum, as I requested


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