Executive Summary
The aim of this project is to propose methods of Crew Resource Management (CRM) for the employees of original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the aerospace industry. CRM is a method for dealing with Human Factors (HF) originally intended for and used by pilots for safety improvements. The process of this project is to review the literature and carry out empirical research into aerospace OEMs, through four different objectives.

The first objective was to research CRM and HF. The findings confirmed that CRM is not generally used by aerospace OEMs, but by aircraft technicians. Additionally, ambiguities were apparent in the use of the terms HF and CRM, and the hoped for, additional motivation anticipated for CRM use, by aerospace OEM employees, could not be positively confirmed.
The second objective was to research efficiency and safety benefits. The findings were vague and did not offer enough proof to support the aim of the project; more work is required.
The third objective looked into current legislation, and additionally why CRM should be legislated for. The findings suggested that legislating for CRM may provide helpful stimuli and that there are already thorough legislations for aircraft technicians.The fourth objective looked into the adaptation of CRM for OEMs. A introductory CRM lesson was designed including a new HF model, the ‘SRH Circle-Model.’

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This project was non-conclusive as there was a lack of evidence of extra motivation to support CRM and not enough proof of its benefits. This project proposed a new name to be used instead of CRM for aerospace OEMs, that is ‘Staff Resource Handling’ (SRH), to prevent ambiguities.

The conclusions recommend that CRM methods should be adopted for OEMs, and that future research should involve CRM courses to measure acceptance.


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